Mobile Hairdresser & Beauty Therapist in Brighton

Jessie is a fully qualified (senior) national federation hairdresser with experience working across Europe, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Mobile Hairdressing in Seaford

Combining decades of experience along with a long list of other impressive skills, senior stylist and colourist Jessie Bryce is now available in the Seaford area to provide her expertise directly in the comfort of your home. As a member of the National Hairdressers’ Federation, she has a resume that encompasses training in Germany as well as hairdressing work in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America. Her Seaford mobile hairstyling service is a godsend for those that want to optimise their schedules and maintain a great appearance at an affordable price.

Seaford salon visits can be very expensive and also take a significant chunk of time out of an already busy schedule. If you’ve been searching for an easier way, Jessie Bryce is the stylist to know. Now, with her assistance, you can save not only time driving to a salon, but also with babysitting fees, and stress in traffic. Jessie’s mobile hairstyling service is a great way to introduce yourself to an alternative to the traditional approach to hair and beauty care.

Make an appointment with Jessie and she will get you the look you deserve, leaving you with a great style, from your hair to your nails. Her portable services are just as great as any to be found in a salon, and the beauty of it all is that it can be done in the comfort of your home.

Services You Can Believe In

Jessie’s experience ensures that you never have to worry about the end result. From expert hairstyling, cutting, skin care, makeup, and more, she provides the full range to your doorstep. Check out the services page to see a complete list and let her know what you would like done.


For those that are unsure of the next haircut or style that they would like to enjoy, they can ask Jessie for advice before choosing. Not only will she find the style that fits your facial structure and skin tone, but also your life. Trust in Jessie to create a look that will work with you from the moment you wake up until your head rests on the pillow.

Special Occasions

Wanting a great look for a special occasion? Ready to glam out for a one-time moment? This is where Jessie excels; her expertise comes in handy for exactly these moments. She can provide apply makeup to make you stunning, hair extensions, a glamorous updo, and more. Give her an idea of what you want and she can take it from there. Again, all from the comfort of your home.

A Great Look with No Stress

There are many occasions where we want to look as good as we can without all the unnecessary stress. It may be getting ready for a cruise, a gala event, or a prom.

For your wedding you may want to get a group together, and Jessie can come to your home and work on all of you and your bridesmaids to create a unique look specifically for your wedding that no one will ever forget. Choose Jessie as your Seaford wedding stylist.

Contact Jessie Bryce today and change the way you achieve true beauty!