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Easy updo

The best updo looks glamorous and like it took far more time, money and effort to achieve than it really did! Here are three elegant updos that take only a few minutes and are easy to create:

1. The Ballerina Bun

This updo is a classic, but you’ll need hair that’s long enough to pull into a high ponytail (with some left over). Brush your hair until it’s smooth and untangled and pull it into a high ponytail on your crown. Then, grab the base of the ponytail with your left hand (right by the elastic). Using your right hand, pull the loose part of the ponytail around your left hand to make a loop. Then pull the end of the ponytail through the loop to make a loose knot. Now all you have to do is fold all the loose ends of the ponytail around the knot to make a bun, pinning them with bobby pins, and spray with hairspray. You’re done – easy!

2. The Easy-Glam Updo

For an effortless but elegant look, try this easy updo. First divide your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Make a teased, loose bun with the bottom section and secure it with bobby pins. Next, take the top section of your hair and pull it into ponytail (fairly close to the bun), then pin the strands of the ponytail loosely around the bun. You’ll end up with a gorgeous hairstyle that took only minutes to create, and will look like you spent a fortune at the salon!

3. Low Chignon

For an extra glamorous evening, the low chignon will always impress. This updo takes only a little bit of effort, and is totally worth every second! First, pull the top section of your hair up, as if you’re going to do a half ponytail, and clip it out of the way. Next, gently tease the bottom section of your hair (the bit that’s still hanging down) to add volume. Take an elastic band and pull it back into a low ponytail, then tuck the ends underneath the base of the ponytail to make a tuck bun. Then take the top half of your hair (that was clipped out of the way) and divide into two sections. Pull the right side down around the left side of the bun and pin underneath. Then pull the left side down around the right side of the bun, also pinning underneath. Spray with hairspray and gently tug a few strands to create a loose, effortless effect. Voila!

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