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How to add volume to fine hair

Fine hair can be extraordinarily soft and shiny, but the downside is that it all too easily falls flat! Follow these tips to get the most volume out of your hair.

Get the right cut

The right haircut is everything in determining the amount of body and volume you get from fine hair. For long hair that’s fine, consider adding layers. For shorter hair (chin to shoulder length), a blunt bob can maximize volume. Consult with your stylist to determine the right haircut for you.

Use the right products

With fine hair, products are key to adding the volume that can take your hair from limp to full of luscious body. Look for products that are labeled “volumizing” or that say “adds body”. Other essentials include texturizing spray (like salt spray) to help create waves, dry shampoo for oily days, and volumizing mousse that can add body and help hold style. Just be careful not to overdo it – too much product will weigh your hair down instead of lifting it up.

Blowdry your hair properly

While drying your hair with a brush, pull the hair up with the brush and blast head at the roots to add body. Finish by pulling your brush through the lock of hair and rounding under at the ends.

Use a good hairbrush: when you blowdry your hair, use a vented metal round brush, which will add volume as it smooths and detangles.

Consider adding colour

Colour actually adds volume and body to fine hair because it coarsens the cuticle, which creates texture. Plus, colour lasts from day-to-day, meaning that one visit from a stylist can save plenty of time when getting ready in the morning.

Learn to use fat rollers

Fat rollers help create unbeatable wave and body with minimal fuss. They come in several types – my favorite are foam rollers because they don’t pull at the hair the way velcro rollers do. To use them, first rough dry your freshly-washed and conditioned hair until it’s mostly, but not entirely, dry. A little bit of moisture will help create the curl. Then divide your hair into 2-inch sections and roll from tip to root. Leave in until your hair is completely dry (you can even blast a little with a blowdryer to speed things up). Once dry, remove rollers and gently loosen your hair with your fingers. Don’t brush it – that will only lose the curl!

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